Sometime in May or June, Mr. Mills will tell you it's time to get a visa.

Visas must be obtained from the Chinese Embassy in person or through a travel agent. We use KDCal Travel (, the same agency we purchase the airplane tickets with.

You will need to send KDCal Travel four items:

  1. This form
  2. A check for the amount stated here (which will vary if you need to rush the delivery or processing, check the page for options and choose according to your budget and time limits)
  3. Your passport (with at least six months left before it expires)
  4. One passport photo (you can get this made at most drugstores)

FedEx these three items to:

KDCal Travel
21671 Gateway Center Dr, #202
Diamond Bar, CA91765

Sample forms will be provided via email. Addresses for filling out the forms will also be provided at the same time.