The goal is to buy the tickets by the end of April. Plan to have at least $2500 by then. Please send Mr. Mills weekly updates. When most of you have gotten enough money, Mr. Mills (or whoever is coordinating stateside) will email you.

He will need:

  1. Your full name as given on passport
  2. The city/airport you are flying out of
  3. Your passport number

If you live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii or are behind on earning money, please tell us especially so that we can help you arrange for your ticket individually.

Tickets will be bought as a group for two reasons:

  1. Better price
  2. Everyone meets together on the same day at the same airport

We always buy our tickets from KDCAL Travel (

There are several ways to pay KDCal for a ticket, but you will be paying with money order, because it's safer.

Once we get all the information to KDCal travel, they will make reservations. Because KDCal Travel can only reserve a ticket for 2-3 days, you will need to send your money order as soon as you get your quote. You must send the money order to

KDCal Travel
21671 Gateway Center Dr, #202
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

by FedEx Next Day Shipping.