All of you will be split up into three to four teams. Each team will be working at a different workshop. Typically there are three teams - one in Wencheng, one in Haikou, and one teaching a Minority workshop (a workshop for teachers from rural areas.) The Wencheng and Haikou teams will each have four teachers, one or two activities coordinators, and a leader - someone who either lives here or has a lot of experience with the workshop.

You will teach on weekdays for four hours in the morning with a break for lunch and a nap. (The nap is one of the best parts of Hainan culture.) In the afternoon, we have an hour and a half of activities, culture lectures (PPT), or help class. In the evening, we will have another activity or a PPT.

Don't worry if you have never taught before. All you need to know is English. (You do know English, right?) Just hearing your accent and watching you will help improve their English. Most of them have learned English from books: they need practice! The classes are simple. The book is self-explanatory. And we will give a two to three day orientation before we send you out into the wild.

What You'll Need for Teaching

  1. Yourself
  2. Nice shirt/skirt/slacks (no flipflops!)
  3. 20-30 gifts for "Christmas"
  4. See suggestions in Packing

  5. Two board/card games

    See suggestions in Packing

  6. A smile and a good attitude!