China is a very safe country, especially on Hainan. This is definitely not your grandfather's China. I feel safer walking down the street here than I do in most cities in America. The worst you will have to worry about are pickpockets.

To discourage pickpockets: Guys, don't put your wallets in your back pockets. Girls, you might want to bring a crossbody purse that snaps closed and keep it hanging in front of you. Be extra careful on crowded buses and always keep your purse in your lap.



Before coming to China, you must buy travel insurance. (We will suggest a good company.) You need travel insurance in case you have a serious accident or medical problem while you are here. If there is a serious problem (a extremely rare event,) the insurance you buy should be able to cover getting you to a better hospital in Hong Kong. Minor incidents can be taken care of here, but it is still good to have travel insurance.

Don't just assume that your current insurance program will cover overseas travel! Check with your insurance plan before leaving the States.


You do not need any shots or vaccines to visit Hainan.