Interested in a summer trip to China? You've found the right place. Every year, the IEEA runs several workshops through colleges in Hainan, China, an island province in the South China Sea. For a month, volunteer teachers from America teach Chinese students and teachers in an intensive all day workshop. This isn't a vacation. This is work, but of the most fulfilling kind. By the time you go home, you will have made friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Ready yet? Here's a quick overview of the trip. For more in depth information, click through the links on your left.

  • Estimated Cost: $3000
  • Estimated Dates: Early July - August

Before you can even think about going to China for the summer workshop:

If you're under 21, You must have your parent's permission.

Once you have permission:

You must have a passport or start the process of getting one immediately.

Email Mr. Mills every week with your progress.

Once Mr. Mills decides that almost everyone has enough money (hopefully by the end of April):

  • We will try to purchase airline tickets as a group.
  • If you live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii or are behind on support, please tell us so that we can help you arrange for your ticket individually.
  • We will have you get a visa.

Once you have bought airline tickets and obtained a visa, start packing. When you get here, there will be a two to three day orientation, including good food and lots of good instruction.

Most importantly:

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! Check your email! Check your texts! Ask questions!
  • Don't panic!
  • Be prepared for the best trip of your life!