Getting Home

Going home is almost the same as getting to China only backwards. This time, however, you will pick up your luggage in the States, instead of in China, to take it through customs. Customs in America is a little more complicated. Flying into America you'll be given two forms instead of one-an entry form and a customs form. The customs form will ask what you are bringing back from China. Don't worry, you don't have to declare everything; just put down generally what you brought, with a dollar estimate below the duty mark. Declare what you will, at your own risk.

Please don't bring home any knives, guns, brass knuckles, plants, unsealed food, live animals (except for Carol's cat. Take it, please!), or priceless Chinese artifacts in your check-in luggage. (Or your carry-on. Or your pockets. Or your body cavities.)

Remember, you may be charged luggage fees when you change over to domestic.

Don't forget to tell everyone about China!