Should I Go?

With a declining American economy and a struggling generation of Millenials, teaching English in China is becoming a more and more popular job option. But what does it take to teach English in China, and how can you know this job is right for you?

First, are you a native English speaker?

Were you raised in a country whose first language is English? Were your first words in English and have you spoken English ever since? If yes, then you are a native English speaker.

Second, are you flexible, reasonable, and adaptable?

Any culture is hard to adapt to. China is no different.

China takes patience. Eastern culture is different in many ways from Western culture. If you're a person who needs a set schedule to survive, if you're tied up in your Western comforts and ideals, then you'll have to adapt quickly or China will chew you up and spit you out.

China isn't scary. But if you're not willing to change yourself, instead of trying to change China, you'll never survive here.

Third, do you have at least a bachelor's degree? Do you have or can you obtain a TOEFL certificate?

(The IEEA provides just such a certificate.)

If you've answered yes to all these questions, then congratulations, you have fulfilled the basic qualifications for being an English teacher in China!

Now you just need to find a job.

You may be tempted to go it alone, to find your own way through the twisty maze of Chinese schools. But be warned, many schools here will take advantage of foreigners. They may bring you in without the proper paperwork or they may get you to sign a contract that is to your disadvantage.

That's what the IEEA is here for. We've been finding teachers jobs in Hainan, China since 2000. We have the contacts and social network necessary for working in Hainan, China as well as employees with years of experience working through Chinese red tape and paperwork. We know what a contract should include and what it shouldn't.

We're ready to help you get your dream job in China. Click the links in the sidebar for more information about requirements, teaching positions, and life in China.