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Salary is typically 5000 - 6000 yuan ($800 to $1000) a month. In addition, if your school allows, you can make up to 150 yuan ($25) an hour tutoring in evenings or on the weekends.

Those with a master's degree may receive a slightly higher salary.

While $800 to $1000 a month doesn't sound like a lot, it goes much further in China, especially considering that your housing will be provided.


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Most contracts are one year, although sometimes a one semester contract may be arranged. Every school will have a similar contract with some notable differences. A contract must be signed in order to obtain a work visa.

The IEEA will help you through every step of obtaining and negotiating a contract. We will review both the English and the (binding) Chinese portions of the contract to make sure that everything is correct and above board.

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Since Hainan is a tropical island, classrooms from late spring to late autumn can be stiflingly hot and humid. Conditions differ from school to school, and your classroom may not have air-conditioning through the humid parts of the year. Though these have been the conditions at schools throughout the world since the beginning of time, they may come as a shock to you at first, so its best to be aware of it now.

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There are three main holidays throughout the year that allow enough time for relaxation or travel.

There are quite a few additional three day weekends scattered throughout the year, although many times these holidays mean having to work a day on the weekend instead.

Most schools will give their foreign teachers one day off for Christmas and sometimes one day for Thanksgiving. But it must be included in the contract.

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