"I've worked with the Mills for two years and three summers now. Not only did they find me a school and negotiate my contract, but they also have gone out of their way to pick me up at the airport, take me to the doctor's, feed me holiday dinners, and so much more. It's been like having a second set of parents in China. I can't imagine teaching in China without their help!"
- Miranda R.

"The Mills provide a home away from home for anyone visiting China. Their warm loving personalities make serving in China ten times better! You will always feel welcomed and motivated when talking to them."
- LaShonna C. (Summer Workshop)

"While staying under the care of the Mills, I was amazed at how much time and effort they put into not just providing for us but in giving us the trip of a lifetime. We got to experience so much of the culture because of the Mills. I got to hike a temple mountain, see Chinese beliefs, and taste a variety of delicious foods all while being an English teacher."
- Sharon P. (Summer Workshop)

"Hainan, China has a wonderful island atmosphere, and the people are unforgettable. Walking the streets, stores, and markets anytime of day or evening, brought all kinds of fun interactions with local people. They loved to shout out their favorite English phrases at us Americans, and the bolder ones would even start conversations with us.
"It's rare to be offered the opportunity to join in a work such as the Mills have with IEEA. I'm glad I jumped at the chance to touch lives in China, to support the Mills's work, and to have my own life permanently changed."
- K. Simms (Summer Workshop)